In 1896, a man named Carl Akeley was attacked by a leopard. As the leopard approached teeth bared, Carl made a decision to not run but to fight. Carl raised his right arm and the leopard latched on with his teeth.

Chances are, you’ve never been attacked by a leopard, but you have had to make a decision in a pressured filled situation before. Whether it’s at work, home, or school, we are always asked to meet expectations that can create pressure. You might be feeling pressure about something as you read this sentence.

There are good things and bad things about pressure. You know this because it’s easy to see it as you observe someone else. The old saying, “people judge more based on reactions than actions” rings true. You want to see how people respond to pressure.

It’s amazing how some respond in the best way possible while some respond in the worse way.

Greatness is when you respond to pressure in the best way possible. Dr. Phil Brassfield says it this way, “Heroes are not born, they are cornered.”

After the leopard latched on to Carl’s arm, he used his other hand to choke it to death. He literally killed a leopard with his bare hands.

It’s always important to remember that as a believer in Christ, we know that he took every leopard… every hurt, every pain, every sin, and every failure upon himself. He felt the weight of being separated from God the Father in the most extreme pressure filled situation imaginable.

Our Savior didn’t wrestle with a leopard. He wrestled with death. And He won.

Greatness doesn’t happen by chance, greatness happens by choice.

Jesus chose you. He endured the cross for you.

What are you facing today? What pressure do you feel? Your response to that pressure can and should always be, give it to Jesus.


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