I want you to imagine that you are on the most romantic date in the history of romantic dates. Picture the face of the love of your life (if you haven’t met that person just yet, pretend) and how they are glowing because of the wonderful night you are having. Possibly in this world of imagination, you are sitting at a table covered with a white tablecloth and garnished with several tasteful candles. The meal is perfect. The background music is perfect. The night is perfect. Everything is perfect.
You lean in to tell the love of your life something special, and then it happens. A smell so putrid that it burns the inside of your nostrils.
Perhaps you’ve experienced a time in your life when an event was ruined or a moment was wasted because of a detail that ruined the environment. Environment matters. It’s amazing how a small detail, like smell, can ruin the entire situation.
I’m not sure how you feel about this next statement. You may or may not agree, but I feel that everyone is their own environment. Every place we go, we carry with us our own unique environment. We have a choice to be kind, or to be difficult, to be loving or hateful, and even to be encouraging or to be disparaging to others.
Maybe you’ve been around someone who was always encouraging. Aren’t they fun to be around? Isn’t easier to believe in yourself afterward?
We are our own environment.
Jesus said that “The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and up being.” (Matthew 6:21 The Message)
After thinking about this for a while, I’m asking myself a few questions. You might consider asking yourself these as well.
1) How does the environment of my life look?
2) Where is do I spend my time and money (treasure)?
3) Who gets my attention?
4) What changes my attitude?
Are you fed up with how others are acting? Change your environment.

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