Hoarding Rotting Milk

   The other night Lindsey, the kids, and I were getting home from a long day of activities. Peaceful. Tranquil. The kids had fallen asleep in their car seats. Franklin was snoring. That little dude can shake the shingles when he snores! When we pull into the drive my loving wife says, “I’ll lay the... Continue Reading →



I want you to imagine that you are on the most romantic date in the history of romantic dates. Picture the face of the love of your life (if you haven’t met that person just yet, pretend) and how they are glowing because of the wonderful night you are having. Possibly in this world of... Continue Reading →


In 1896, a man named Carl Akeley was attacked by a leopard. As the leopard approached teeth bared, Carl made a decision to not run but to fight. Carl raised his right arm and the leopard latched on with his teeth. Chances are, you’ve never been attacked by a leopard, but you have had to... Continue Reading →

Hindsite is 20/20

There’s a highway exit that I almost always miss. Coming from East Tennessee back to Corinth, for whatever reason, I take the exit to Nashville and not to Huntsville. At this point, it’s a mental block. I even know that it’s coming and still take the wrong exit... The problem is that it takes so... Continue Reading →

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